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Monday, June 22, 2009


Seriously, the picture just speaks.
Speaks for itself.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fresh From The Bookshelves.

Woo, I'm blogging from INTI-UC's Library. Heh. =)

First thing's first, the weirdest thing about today is: I am a zombie.

Not that I feel sluggish or whatever. But it's that, I'm tired but I'm not tired. @.@

What? Yeah. I slept at 3 yesterday. =/ Watched My Best Friend's Girl. Vulgar but quite the funny movie. And Kate Hudson has no boobs. x.x

So it's like, I woke up late by 20 minutes, but managed to make it to the bus in time. Then, I didn't feel tired. Wait wait wait. I woke up after only 3 hours of sleep, and I'm not tired at school. Not even after one SUPER BORING class. I don't know what's up. But I think tonight, when I hit my bed, I'm not going to be able to lift a finger. And that's goodbye to a Friday. Yeeps. >.o

So yeah, one of the other random trivial things I'm doing right now is trying to play through ALL the songs in my iPod without ever skipping a song or resetting the list. I pressed 'shuffle songs' last week and it's still not finished. I have around...507 songs in my iPod and I'm currently at song no.280. I...Have....To.....Resist........(going to other playlists and cancelling my current shuffle list). And yeah, ever since I had iPod, I've never really played every song in it. So now I'm doing it. It's like a freakin' marathon. Endurance baby. ~o~

And did I ever tell you, the aircon in the classes are CRAZY. It's like the fraking south pole in that building. Going in jacketless means either you're fat or you're fat. Yeah. I went in with slightly thinner clothing the other day, and I had a damn running nose. Then after coming out of the building, it went away. =.= Totally killed my class concentration.

I wanna post a picture post soon. Hope I can get enough laziness out of my system to do that.

P/S: By the way, I need more ankle length socks. I hate folding my normal lengths. I look like a damn apek wearing them like that. =.= Even my awesome Nikes can't make me look normal.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sheesh, I've been taking the bus twice per day everyday since school started. It's really not that pleasant, yet it's the best option I've got right now. (I want a room on-campus NAO. =.=)

Speaking of which, it's still damn hot. Can't get out of home without being fried to a crisp. But well, it's been getting a wee bit better. A little. Seriously, the weather has to lay off now and then. It's impossible to be living under such circumstances. (Especially when you have to wait at the bus stop everyday)

Oh randomness! I watched Angels & Demons today. It's really quite impressive. Quite a while since I've seen such a movie. One with a good hook. A good 2 hours spent. =)

And also, the girlfriend reminded me today how well she is able to make my days better. It always starts off like I'm doing her a favour but in the end, I feel like she's the one who did me a favour instead. Haha. After years, I still am boggled about how we can talk about everything and anything. Topics never seem to diminish and we can recycle topics and it'd be as interesting as the first time we talked about it. Skype has been lovely today and I appreciate that. What's better than seeing someone you haven't seen for....bloody ages. One bad thing: It makes me miss her even more. ~o~

P/s: I've finished most of my latest model kit~!!! It's awesome. And I have to say, I'm quite good in the meticulousness of it all. XD Will post up pictures if possible. I totally love this one.

Joe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10.30 Bus Tomorrow.

Friday, May 15, 2009

So Late!

Where have you been blogger part of Joe???

Joe: I donno. He just, disappeared. =/ Okay, no, he was just lazy.

Yeah, and that's exactly my explanation for not blogging for the past, ionno, 3 or 4 months? It's really just a simple reason of not wanting to maintain something ugly. Yeeps, so ghey.

You guys realized the missing sidebar for the past 3 months?

<<<<<<<<<<< Yeah that thing. With the clock and links and all.

One of my posts screwed it up and I sorta didn't want to get to repairing it? And so I kinda lost the motivation to blog and stuff. Besides, I wouldn't wanna blog if people can't leave a comment on the tagboard. And no one bothers to click on the comment box =/

So yeah! I'm finally back with another post like this. No pictures and stuff, cuz I'm just not dedicated enough as the other bloggers. (Lazy la tu.)

Yeah, so what's been happening for the last 3 or so months of my life, is mostly summed up this way:

-Girlfriend flew to another continent.
-Finished my foundation with above average scores.
-Had 2 weeks break.
-Started Uni in Inti UC under the course BEEUB (Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with the University of Bradford)

That's the major points I guess. Those tiny little things that happened in the middle, they were a truckload. Lotsa stuff happened. But I can't remember anything. o.o

At this moment, I'm blogging from the University Placement Office in school and I have class at 10. Which means I had 2 hours to burn. Half an hour down, 1.5 more to go. =.= It's really sad the timing sometimes. Oh, and I have 6 subjects this semester. Bloody 'ell.

So yeah, I actually wanted to stay in Nilai and stuff, figuring it'll be less tiring, more stuff to do, more friends, can join more activities, and stuffles such as that. But rooms were full. =( SAD. Which is so sad that I have to wait until next semester to get a room. So now I'm resorted to taking the busy every single day back and forth from Subang to Nilai. Pretty damn stiff.

I'm so blur right now. Have to wake up at 6 o'clock 4 of the 5 days. T.T

I'll blog a little more soon. =)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CD Cover?


1 - Open
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.(alternatively, if the first article you hit is short, hit Random Article two more times.)

2 - Open
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Open
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop/paint or similar to put it all together.

5 - Post it! and Flaunt it!

Daedelus - To Be Serious When People Laugh.

Got it from James' blog. Nice.

Joe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You should do it too.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I've been dreading tomorrow since a long time ago. I felt it ages ago, but now it's right at my doorstep. It's less than 24 hours away.

The day that you leave me. For the longest time I've ever experienced.

I've only had 17 months with you close to me. Barely 2 years. And now you're leaving for at least twice that time or more. We've shared so many memories and experiences. I'm glad that you were there in so many moments in my life. You have made these months that much more valuable and that much more meaningful.

I'm going to miss you.

I'm going to miss everything about you.

It'll be lonelier than usual.

It'll be less magical and diabetic.

It'll be less many many things.

But my love for you will never waiver nor will it change.

When you return, you'll find me exactly the way I am when you left me.

Know that.


Tomorrow, I'll be sending you off. Every step towards the gate will drown my heart a little more.

By the time you're out of reach, I don't know if I'll be able to hold my tears.

I just hope you can leave with a smile.

Joe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I love you.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year to all of you.

Hope you all have a great year ahead. [I hope I do too.]

As for 2008, it's been quite an eventful year I must say. Alot of things happened for me, good or bad. But I think it's all good overwhelming the bad in the end. We can only think positive! =)

Well, here's a summary of happenings in my life in 2008:-

1) Had my first job of sorts.
2) Earned my first non-parent salary.
3) Started college.
4) Met lotsa new friends.
5) Got an Academic Award at long last.
6) Had a birthday party with my friends in Pyramid. [almost forgot about this one]
7) Got my very first iPod.
8) Got a new and totally awesome guitar, Ivy.
9) Got a Wii with my salary.
10) Got my first pair of Nikes. [The Lunartrainer+]
11) First kiss.
12) Had an inflating closet since college started.
13) Went on my first trip overseas.
14) The passing of my grandfather. [which I refused to blog about]

Ah, judging from there, 2008 had heaps more productive happenings compared to 2007.

It was a good year regardless of the bad. Alot of firsts. I think there were some firsts that I didn't mention too. =P

So how was your year? Hope it was great too.

Well, it has passed. The new year is here. We can only look forward. =)


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day One [Part 1]

So here it is, the fabled Hong Kong post I promised. =)

First and foremost, I warn you, it's picture flooded! So, if you're sharing a line, read this some other time. It'll kill everyone's bandwidth. Lol.

Also, all pictures are taken with my new Panasonic DMC-FZ28. Totally awesome camera.

So YEAH! This is my first vacation overseas and my family and my grandma is coming. Haha. My grandma is the awesomest. =P

The trip also includes going to Shenzhen, which is just 45 mins of train ride from HK.

I had to break Day 1 into two parts coz it had too many pictures. Lol. But the other days are in one post only. So~ Here goes!

My flight was at 6.30 a.m on the 24th of December and that means the taxi comes at 3 a.m.

I didn't sleep. Couldn't. Too excited. Haha.

So the time came and before I knew it, we were at the airport.

One thing though, the LCCT, which is the lower cost terminal of KLIA, sucks balls. Big time. They have big issues. I wouldn't address them here coz it'll just waste our time. So, let's move on! =)

We're taking AirAsia, and their planes are okayla....just abit crampy.

Window shot.

As I was super jakun, I stayed so much awake during the whole airplane take off ordeal. XD Feeling the Gs as the plane throttled ahead and pulled up while looking at the buildings as they get smaller and smaller...... It was something I was looking forward to. Haha.

And the view down from the plane was pretty as it was still dark. I could see the little specks of light below and from above, they look nice.

It was a 4 hour flight approximately, so I slept despite the excitement with my iPod plugged into my ears.

I woke up later from the light coming through the window. I opened my eyes and saw this.

A rainbow coloured horizon.

It was such a nice view to have, waking up. I looked around and saw the clouds were pretty too.

The sky is actually blue up here. =P

Looking out the window to pass the time, it was a scenic view. Before long, the plane descended and islands started to appear.

Can you see the freighters on the water? =)

Holy shit, we're here!

The clouds are nice over or under them.

And stepping out of the plane, I landed on Hong Kong. The weather was distinctively colder and everything had a different atmosphere.

First, everything was very......chinese. XD Hahah, what I meant was all the stewardesses, security guards, notice boards, tv ads, posters, they were all in chinese and hey, it feels like home. =P

It was a big jam at the immigration gate but as we passed it, I saw


Fun to see familiar things. Haha. I just had it the morning before. Like the people, there were lots of trolleys too.

Trying to be artistic shot of the trolleys. Haha.

After taking our luggage at gate 4, we proceeded.

Rolex public clocks!

Walking out, I saw something familiar again. Bee Cheng Hiang! Pork is roaming free~! Hahaha. Good signs.

The airport's pork shop. Har har~

We met up with the tour guide and we were brought to the little tour bus that will bring us to our respective hotels. Of course, the actual tour buses used during the trips are bigger and more glamourous. Haha.

Hard Gay! [The license plate, incase you missed it]

So we rolled out onto the roads and we're soon out on the highway. The first thing I noticed:

The taxis!

They're the taxis that appear all the time in TVB dramas. Omg, it's there! Hahaha. Very novel thing to see. =)

Ah, Hong Kong, here I come. =)

Another thing, they have lots of double-decker buses around. This is either some environmental thing or it's because having a car in HK is a pain in not only your anus, but all of your innards too. Found out that it takes around 25K HK$ to upkeep a car. Lovely.

One of em typical buses.

High rise buildings are also a common sight in HK. This is due to the limited space they have to spare. All the buildings are at least 40 floors or more.

Some of the apartments I saw along the way.

Here's a fun picture, Guardian is known as Mannings in Hong Kong. =D

The logo also the same.

Then on the way, I saw this! Omg, McDonald's! McPORK is close.......=D

Their McD's is cheaper than ours.

Finally, after around 20 mins I think, we've reached our hotel, Newton Place Hotel. I don't know if it's that three law Newton. Lol.

The lobby's pretty.

I had a sigh of relief coz I was expecting something bad. Because I was like having images of those shady old hotels that's dirty and stinky. Haha. This hotel's awesome.

Christmas is near~

This is the view outside my hotel window.

That's the old airport in between.

We came from the new HK airport. Imagine having to land in the middle of the city like this! Lol. And opposite, that's Hong Kong. The hotel I'm staying at is in the Kowloon district.

It's at a pretty good location because just a few walks away, there is a 7 Eleven and a McD's among other things. The MTR station, is also nearby and I tell you, I love their MTR.

So, since we haven't eaten breakfast for real, we headed to McD's to have....


That's a Sausage McMuffin but instead of being made from chicken like in Msia, it's made of PORK! Omg, it's a pork burger. I've never ever eaten one...! T.T Tears of joy.

Really, it's tastier. The texture and tenderness is better and it's not so dry. The actual taste is quite similiar though. Haha.

Not only that, they have creative promotions such as this:

Ebi burger.

That's shrimp burger. I mean, when did WE ever have shrimp burger? =(

I'm here.

Mmhmm, confirmed. I'm not lying kay? Hahaha. So since we were joining the night tour, we had to move out at 3.45 p.m. And yeah, that's what we did. =)

Along the way, there sights to see such as this.

A very typical Hong Kong street.

You can see those hanging neon signs, and the crazy jams, and lotsa people. Hehe. Oh, and among other things, I saw rich people too:

Note the car license plate on the Audi.

People with a license plate "LAMMI" is no ordinary cheap skate. My god. And in HK. That guy must be loaded. XD

And soon, we're at our first destination, the Avenue of Stars.

One of the earliest things I saw,

Cute. =)

See, that's the statue they give out at the awards. =D

You can see the hustle and bustle of the place there. It's packed. And Hong Kong is just in the background. Lovely place.

Sexy figure.

And oh, in this trip, there was a cameo by someone I haven't seen in a long time. It was a big surprise, a nice surprise to see someone you know when you're on vacation. I totally didn't expect it and it sure did make the trip more meaningful. =)


I met her when she was boarding the tour bus, and I couldn't help but laugh. I was laughing at the oh-so-coincidence that happened. Haha. Just had to take a picture together. She was holidaying at Hong Kong too; she came a little earlier than I did. Hehe, it was fun. You can check her post about her vacation here. =)

So along the way, you can see the handprints of stars all over the floor from start to end. Hong Kong stars of course, such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee and even Michelle Yeoh. Here's how they look like:

Andy Lau's handprint.

From start to end, the place is actually pretty lenghty. But at the end of the walk, you are rewarded with a statue of Bruce Lee. Haha. Or a picture of it at least.


So then when walking back to the start, here's some pictures I took:

Mix of traditional and modern.

Emo shot of the light poles. XD

Emo shot of the skyscraper.

It looks pretty dusty huh? Lol. But it didn't seem that way when we're there. Just looks that way. Lucky. XD

And this was at the end.

They were just putting this up.

And we were just leaving. Lucky! XD Haha.

Emo shot of the trophy lady. Look at the birds. =)

Ah, then we headed for our first dinner here in Hong Kong. It was in someplace in the city and without the tour guide, wouldn't have found it. Lol. The place is called:

Pleasant Palace.

And oh, the name was fitting. The food was totally awesome. AWESOME! Roast goose one of the attractions. =)

It appears that it's part of a chain restaurant thingy. So they have lots of this restaurants around Hong Kong and for all the dinners and breakfasts to come, we'll be eating at this restaurant. Lol.

After dinner, we lingered around the streets while waiting for the rest of the group. The neon lights were just starting to light up.


See that sign on top of 7 Eleven? Haha. Looks shady. And apparently, in chinese, it's read, Kim Gary. O.O! Since when Kim Gary so cun. XD I forgot what it really is. It's not a whorehouse I think.... Hahah.

Once again, I look at the people and the atmosphere, it reminds me, I'm in Hong Kong.

Dad, Bro, Me.

It's awesome, and you can see the cars AND people are fast. Crazy. Haha.

Next up! We're going up to the tallest hill in Hong Kong. I forgot what it's called. Damn. And woot, the roads leading up looks exactly like in the TVB dramas or movies. They are also windy enough to be made into an Initial D track. Hahah. But the view throughout the journey was nice. You get to see the specks of lights from the buildings. Lovely.

So finally, we're at the peak! Being on a hill, you'd expect....a hill right? But no....There's a whole freakin' complex up there.

The complex.

And it isn't some simple complex, they have like a whole shopping complex inside. You can get branded stuff there. So much for just a hill eh? Hahah.

So here is the end of part 1. Part 2 is fun as well. Seriously. It's fun.

Stay tuned ya? =)

Joe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 1 End.

Day One [Part 2]

So, this is Part 2 of day one. =)

What was inside the complex? It wasn't just shopping thingies and all that.

They had this.

Madame Tussauds.

Yup, the awesome famous wax museum. Of famous people of course. Haha. Before this, I've only seen it on TV. Man, now I'm here for real. I'm gonna get to see famous people! XD

First up was,

Bruce Lee.

He was on display outside the entrance. And boy, semua orang jakun. Haha. Everyone wanted to take a picture with the late kungfu master. Well, there we go~ =)

Next, Cecilia Cheung. Yup, the one involved in the sex scandal with Edison Chen. ;)

Lucky for her she got her wax statue before she got into the scandal. Haha.

Me and Cecilia.

Now, this is supposed to be Jay Chou.

Us brothers and Jay.

But he doesn't look that convincing. Kinda dissapointing, but what the hell. XD Perhaps this was made when he was still skinny? Haha.

Then, our very own Michelle Yeoh.

Hot kan?

Yup she is.

Next, Brangelina!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

These look good. Hehe.

Next, Aaron Kwok.


Really, I was trying very very hard not to laugh. Something about his pose cracks me up. XD

And then, Eddie Murphy!

Mushu. XD

I couldn't help it. Hahahah.

Mmhmm, it's Meryl Streep and Mel Gibson.

Mamma Mia!

Donnolah why that Mel Gibson showing his hand like that. He wants spare change? XD

Next, Leo Ku.

Him with the mascot he made.

This looks really good. Just like him. And that mascot, appears often with him in MTRs on the advertisement posters.

Then...Janice Vidal (Wei Lan).

She sure looks happy. =D

Dear, don't angry ya?? >.<>
Mom and the diva.

Looks hot.

Then, er.....Bae Yong Joon.

Eleh, Winter Sonata is over la. =P

Took this picture for the sake of taking it. XD

Next, Kelly Chen!

Wedding gown?

Hehe, guess the staff likes to play dress up with the statues eh? XD

Then, the late Leslie Cheung.

Building jumper.

He must've been so stressed. >.<>
So tall.

Didn't know she's so tall. Lol.

Mmhmm, the Royal Family.

Prince Charles missing.

Maybe he's still sleeping in the room with Camelia. XD

Then, there's the President of The United States, Me. =D

Just kidding, there's George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

They are my bodyguards.

Yes, watch as I bring Obama to shame with my awesome speech! =P

Here's another Clinton.

So tall also.

Ish semua orang putih ni....

Ahah! The WWII key player, Winston Churchill!

The fella's amused. XD

At least he's not so tall. Lol.

And then, the just late Pavarotti.

Me trying to match his vocals.

I'll fail of course. =.="

Ah, this is new, Picasso!

Me having a stare down contest with him.

I've never seen his face before. So this is how he looks like. XD

Another dead person, Saddam Hussein.


The fella has a tummy.

Next up, Chairman Mao!

Yesss.....that's the way you call him.

Hehe, looks like a happy fellow. Even for a communist. XD

Then, the person that explains the theory of relativity through sex, Albert Einstein.

I'm not happy coz he's better than me in physics. =(

Look at his hair! XD

Then, Infernal Affairs dude, Andy Lau!

Yala, tau you handsome la.

He married a Melaka chick. XD

Next up, the guy who was so damn cheesy in Mamma Mia, Pierce Brosnan!

Keciknya pistol. XD

He has more hair here. Oh, the young days. Hehe.

Next up, Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp.

Looks good.

He looks convincing. =)

Then, Leon Lai!

He's on a bike.

I think it's from a movie. *shrugs*

Next, the Chinese dude who's taller than Shaquille O' Neal, Yao Ming.

I mean, seriously.

He's damn tall wey. Damn fake. >.<>
He's pissed for some reason.

So I follow him la. XD

Then, the Brazilian, Ronaldinho.

Why did they have to make him pose this way.

Had to squat just to take photo with this dude. Lol.

Ah, then it's the Greatest, Muhammad... Ali!
He looks stoned.

Don't care la, pose jer. XD

Next up, the guy from Atlanta, Tiger Woods!

Me showing him a thing or two about golf.

Yeah right, I know nothing about golf. Xd

Woot, it's the late Queen vocalist, Freddie Mercury!

He will rock you.

Eh, should be, he rocked you. =P

Next, The Beatles!

They used real instruments on these!

I would so love to bring that guitar home. *o*

Then, it's the King of Pop turned alleged pedobear, Michael Jackson!

When he's still black and rocking it.

Not so smooth criminal now is he?

Next, Miriam Yeung!


Told you the staff likes to play dress up.

Then, Twins!

Gillian ain't getting no love.

Charlene's my choice. XD

That's just abit of the wax statues I took pictures with. There were tons of other famous people inside. It's a great experience entering Madame Tussauds. It was so great I had to keep the entrance ticket. I recommend that everyone visit it at least once! =)

Once outside, Christmas decorations are seen again. Pretty. =)

Gingerbread couple. <3

As we exit the complex, the Hong Kong skyline could be seen. It's lovely.

The yellow building to the left actually changes colour.

Ah, the day is yet to end. We then headed downhill again and went to Lui Yan Kai [Women's Street]. It is the so called shopping paradise. Which well, it is. Around the area are also the Men's Street and Sportshoe Street. Yes, they call it that. XD

They have everything from clothing, electronics, media, footwear, to toys and food.

And they're not those fake brands kay. Everything's Nike, Adidas, Giordano, and all the jazz. But they also have pasar malam like places, for the budget ones. =)

Since everythin is tax-free here, this means everything is cheaper. Yup. And they throw in sales to the already cheaper price. Which makes it a joy to shop there. I got stuff from there but we'll leave that for later ya? =)

The atmosphere.

May not look like much, but it's so fun to stroll around there. =) Not much pictures on the place coz well, we're all busy looking at stuff. ;)

After that, we took the MTR back to our hotel. It was surprisingly simple and efficient. And that's why I love it.

Here's something random from the subways.

Chinese Twilight poster.


So this was the end of the day. Up till now, I haven't had any proper sleep yet since I flew here from back home. My legs were numb from the tireness, my head was heavy and my eyes longing to shut themselves.

It didn't take long for me to change, bathe, and wash up before I kissed my first night in Hong Kong goodbye.

It was a long and wonderful night.

Lovely bed and pillow.

Joe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 2 End.